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About the Faculty(English version)

Krivoy Rog Faculty of National University “Odesa Law Academy” is the separated structural subdivision of National University “Odesa Law Academy” in Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk region, which differs by a «domestic» atmosphere, individual approach to students, high-quality education and a little fee, for studies.

Krivoy Rog Faculty of National University «ODESA LAW ACADEMY» was established by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine from June 15, 1998 No. 221, as Krivoy Rog training center of the legal Academy.

The need for a structural Division of Odesa Law Academy was caused by the great necessity of qualified law enforcement officers of Krivoy Rog and Dnipropetrovsk region, as well as taking into account the needs of the region and nearby areas in highly qualified specialists with the right to work in the judicial bodies, bodies of State power and local self-government bodies, enterprises and organizations.

Today, Krivoy Rog Faculty of National University “Odesa Law Academy” is a branch of the legal education and science in Krivoy Rog and Dnipropetrovsk region. The structure has 3 departments: the Department of criminal-law disciplines, civil law disciplines and Department of humanitarian and socio-economic disciplines.Now in Krivoy Rog Faculty training of students-lawyers is carried out in two specializations: "criminal justice" and "civil and economic justice" The total number of students studying more than 600 people from 19 regions of Ukraine.

Krivoy Rog Faculty of National University “Odesa Law Academy "as a Centre for legal education and science in Krivoy Rog , collected the best scientific potential, teachers took an active part in the work of the Commission on the drafting of the Charter of the Krivoy Rog territorial communities, they are included in the Expert Council of the Executive Committee of the Krivoy Rog City Council (on voluntary basis), many teachers are to advise the members of different levels of work in leading the media. They are people”s assessors in the courts involved in the work of the executive authorities and the public organizations.

For merits in the development of legal science and practical legal assistance of our city teachers of the faculty are awarded by the bodies of local self-government of Krivoy Rog and bodies of State power.

For merits in development of jurisprudence and practical legal aid to the city of Krivoi Rog, with the population more than 700 thousand, teachers of Krivoi Rog faculty are represented to rewarding to local governments of Krivoi Rog and public authorities.

Krivoy Rog faculty has a modern training base that allows for a high enough level of standards to organize teaching and educational work. The Faculty is located in the center of Krivoy Rog on the front line of the Mira Avenue . In the educational building of 2 517 m2 there are a lot of educational audiences for "Constitutional and administrative law, Civil law and procedure, Criminal law and procedure", "Environmental law", etc., specialized studies for "Kriminology", "Latin", "English", "Canon law", Computer Study, model of courtroom facilities and unique in Dnipropetrovsk region law e-library and a spacious library with reading room at 77 seats, reference and educational-methodological legal literature more than 32,000 copies printed, which is considered to be the best and the largest law library in the region. The services provided for students in the free and unlimited use of the information system “LIGA LAW” by Premium version and free access to Internet.

For three years Krivoi Rog faculty of National University «Odessa law academy» successively takes the first place in city competition on an accomplishment among educational institutions in Krivoi Rog.

The material base of the Krivoy Rog faculty allows not only to provide a quality educational process, but also the social needs of students. In the faculty neat student cafe "Themis" is constantly working with 2 halls for 96 seats, equipped with all necessary equipment and facilities to provide hot meals and a wide range of quality services. A medical center also works. Dormitory is guaranteed to the students from other cities.

For the students of day department there is possibility to combine studies with passing of preparation at a military department.

Students take an active part in the work of scientific societies, sports tournaments of the faculty in mini-football, table tennis, bowling, chess and draughts. Much attention is paid to the organization of thematic tours in historic sites and outstanding places outreach activities to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, the customs authorities and expert agencies.

The candidate of Jurisprudence Stets Oleg, the assistant to the dean on teaching and educational work co-ordinates the work in organizing of teaching and educational process and its development in Krivoi Rog faculty.

Following the tradition of the University of versatile and harmonious education of future lawyers various cultural and recreational activities for the students: "Students' Spring", "Feast of the future profession," the traditional public speaking competition, "Descendants of Cicero," themed concerts and other cultural events on the basis of the best cultural and entertainment facilities are annually held by the administration department faculty in Krivoy Rog.

At the Krivoi Rog faculty charity student events supported by the dean are traditionally held, "students - children 'for orphaned children. Also, many students are volunteers, helping elderly people in nursing homes.

Teachers and students of Krivoy Rog faculty regularly participate in international and inter-university conferences, the conferences held by the Odessa Law Academy, as well as skillfully organized scientific activities on the basis of the faculty of Krivoy Rog. Thus, the traditional student large-scale conference is being held for 7 consecutive years to the Human Rights Day, which annually receives more than 100 best students of the faculty, the conference runs on a 9-section, combining almost all academic disciplines. According to the results of the conference Annual of the conference articles are published. Each year, in the spring Interuniversity Student Scientific Conference for students of Dnipropetrovsk region "Historical and legal reading" is held on the base of Krivoy Rog faculty.

Students have possibility to pass legal internship in courts, bodies of public prosecutor’s office and law enforcement institutions , managements of justice, organs of local self-government, in advocate associations and notarial offices, in the legal departments of enterprises and organizations. After the successful passing of legal internship many students are suggested to be employed for a job in future after receipt of the diploma of specialist.

After the graduation from Krivoy Rog faculty graduates receive the diploma of National university «Odessa law academy» of the state sample in Ukrainian and English languages.

In the faculty of the Krivoy Rog all the conditions for student scientific society are created. Under the guidance of teachers of Krivoy Rog faculty students are not only participate in conferences at various levels, and in the preparation of their scientific papers and monographs.

The candidate of historical sciences of Amaryan Merali, the assistant to the dean on scientifically-methodical work supervises all scientific and methodical work in Krivoi Rog faculty and he co-ordinates the work on preparation of scientific papers and methodical manuals, monographies.

Today, Krivoi Rog faculty of National University «Odessa law academy» is the centre of legal science and education in the city and the Dnepropetrovsk area. In its structure there are 3 departments: the Department of Judiciary, the Department of Civil-law disciplines and the Department of Humanitarian and Social-economic disciplines.

In recent years, both before and after the reorganization of the Krivoy Rog Training Centre National University of "Odessa Law Academy" in Krivoy Rog Department, the organization of educational, scientific work is constantly being improved.

The introduction of modern progressive innovations in teaching and the harmonious education of future lawyers is the basis of the educational process in the Faculty of National University of Krivoy Rog "Odessa Law Academy."

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